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MCM/MCSM/MCA withdrawn :(


Well, I have been busy offline for a week, then suddenly found out that the Microsoft Master programme has been withdrawn đŸ˜¦

I was due to do the 7th-26th Oct Directory Services rotation but changed my mind at the last minute as my wife is due to give birth around that time. I’m glad I didn’t now as I’m not even sure I would have got my $18,500 back, and I’m certain I wouldn’t have been able to get the airfares refunded (and tbh 3 weeks in Seattle is probably a little long for a holiday). Certainly at no time discussing this with the advanced cert team did anyone tell me that this was on the cards.

I am already annoyed at the loss of Technet subscriptions, and quite frankly worried about the way Microsoft are headed and the corresponding implications for tech professionals. “Devices and Services”? wtf? MSFT are a software company that make great software products, as well as hosting services based on those. Every attempt they have made to crack mobile has ended badly and I don’t see the Nokia acquisition changing things.

By assuming that all their clients want to put things in the cloud they are making a fundamental mistake. My current client will never be allowed to do this based on regulatory requirements, and others I have worked at will never do it for other reasons. Sure, offer it as a service but don’t assume you can hoover up all this business and let the professionals who were your former technology evangelists become de-skilled and disillusioned.

Reducing the top level of certification offered means that there is no way to distinguish between people who crammed their MCSE from some braindump and those who really know what they are doing. MSFT will end up with having their products badly configured and managed by people who claim that MSFT have verified their skills. This leads to people who make technology purchasing decisions distrusting MSFT products and seeking alternatives. This will severely hit MSFT revenues; the policy is a one-horse race to the bottom, if you like.

There are loads more opinions about this from some clever people both inside and outside MSFT and the MCM programme:

and plenty more links in those posts too.

Here is Microsoft’s Tim Sneath on the decision:

I am not convinced.

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